We are a game design studio.

Services Examples

Game Design A-to-Z

We take on game's design part in full, developing the main concept created by you – or by us for you, preferably. We design all the needed mechanics, systems, content, balancing, etc. We also drive the prototyping and play-testing process, and generally serve as a part of the development team, staying in close contact with everybody. Everything to make that game shine. 

Story Craft

With the mechanics sorted out on the client/dev side, we take on the responsibility of crafting a story, that would work together with the game's design. We develop the main line of story, branching and multiple endings (if needed), side lines, – and then get down to the trenches: work on every episode and quest, dialogue and description. We also talk to game design all the time, ensuring that story and gameplay enforce each other in synergy. 

We are also capable of developing a system for emergent storytelling (different semi-random combo-story for every playthrough, dependent on player's actions).

Design Review

A side experts' view of the project's game design. Extra design head, that everyone needs sometimes. We play the build, read the docs and talk to developer/designer. We try to find reasons/solutions for the known problems, and also report on our own findings, deliver suggestions and general commentary. 

Content Boost

We design the needed content for the game's mechanics and/or narrative: game levels, heroes, items, buildings, cars, guns, swords, pets, etc. – and also their text descriptions, quests, dialogues, etc.

Your Suggestion?

We are always interested in using our skills non-conventionally, so if you have any idea regarding that – e.g. real-world activities, interactive art, playful education, etc. – let’s talk!

Contact us

Let's talk game design!

To reach out, just drop us a line at hi@protascenery.design – or simply use a button below.

Or contact Sasha Protasenya, our managing designer, in:

Dnipro, Днепропетровская область, Украина

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